How Is Marble Community Outreach organized?

•    Marble Community Outreach is a “stand alone”, 501 (c) 3 organization: #81-3229252, 

•    IRS 990 approved for (tracking and reporting) so you are assured of a tax-deductible gift.

•     MCO has been created to add to your giving choices in addition to your annual pledge.

•     MCO allows individuals to select this organization for gifts from payroll deductions that can include an employer match.

What will happen to the money that is given to MCO?

•    As a startup non-profit, we Initially place funds in a short term investment (savings account) 

•    We align with the non-religious beneficiaries vetted by the Marble Collegiate Outreach committee to short list principle charities we prefer to support.

How often will MCO report the gifts from my payroll deduction and my employer’s match?

•      Quarterly and then with an Annual Summary

How may I give to MCO outside of the planned giving opportunity with my employer?

•      Checks can be made payable to Marble Community Outreach. Address: 1 West 29 St. New York, NY 10001

•       You may also give via the web site: www.marbleoutreach.org and click on the PayPal Give/Donate button

•        Gifts to MCO will not replace a pledge given to Marble Church as it operates separately

Will a gift acknowledgement go to my employer and to me?

•        Yes, quarterly and annually

How will MCO work with the ministry groups of Marble Collegiate Church?

•        Members of the MCO Board are available as resources to the ministry groups to discuss this additional way of giving and to support a focused effort for the group’s outreach efforts, as long as they are for non-religious activities.

•        As the new organization gets established we anticipate that MCO may be able to provide some funds as a match to the giving of the group to a set limit.  This matching effort may serve to increase support of a special outreach effort. Giving does not go toward faith-based church ministry.

How is MCO different from other offerings at Marble Collegiate Church?

•      MCO is different in that it is organized outside of the operation of the Marble Collegiate Church to enable the use of employer match opportunities.

•        There may be some groups that are supported by the offerings, such as the annual Marble Church Easter offering that would benefit from support through MCO.

 Is MCO aligned with RCA or UCC?

•     This organization is separate from the Reformed Church in America, The United Church of Christ and the Collegiate Churches of New York and is not a religious non-profit.

Who should I contact to talk about my interest in MCO?



Tel: 212-686-2770 x 295 or ask for Shana Wolfe.

Please tell me about some of the work that is planned short term by MCO.

The Board will select one or two efforts that can be served well with a small gift at the start.  As the assets grow, there will be an opportunity to do more.

How much of the assets gathered for MCO will be given away each year?

The estimate is that funds beyond operating costs and a reserve fund to grow the giving power of MCO over time will be given away.

What do you expect the cost of operation be?

Early on, the operating costs will be low and most work will be done by the Board and other volunteers.  As MCO grows – the costs should continue to be relatively low but will grow as our assets, giving and accountability needs increase.

May I make a gift to MCO outside of my payroll deduction/employer match arrangement?

Yes, certainly.  We encourage everyone to make their pledge commitment first and then, if possible, give additional funds through your business arrangement of payroll deduction/employer match.

Is there a minimum gift that I can give?

Because MCO is designed to support those who could give via payroll deduction with an employer match, you should follow the guidelines of your employer

If you would like to provide seed money to support MCO, any amount is welcome.

Is there a maximum amount of a gift that can be given?

As above, for the payroll deduction/employer match effort, please be guided by your employer’s rules.

If you would like to give beyond your pledge and payroll deduction – there is not a limit for the gifts.

How do I include Marble Community Outreach in my will?

MCO is a separate organization so your estate plan can direct the gifts that you would like to make directly to Marble Community Outreach.

How may I get involved?

Currently we are seeking volunteer Grant Request Writers and Social Media and Marketing efforts.

Important Information:

 Marble Community Outreach is a “stand alone”, 501 (c) 3 organization: #81-3229252,

IRS 990 approved for (tracking and reporting)

MCO responds to the outreach needs of the immediate community as well as needs that arise in times of crisis.

Tel: 212-686-2770 x 295 email: info@marbleoutreach.org