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Marble Community Outreach (MCO) is a non profit launched from an investment from Marble Collegiate Church in New York, as a means to make a difference in our community in a way that allows individuals and their employers to contribute financially.  

It enables the Marble community to expand ways of meeting the needs of individuals and families to relieve suffering and enhance the human experience in some way. As our guide, we support some of the non-religious beneficiaries vetted by the Marble Outreach program. Please consider us as your corporate matching fund partner typically driven by end of year corporate programs.


Based on short and long term goals, we look to respond to the needs of our community, from a short list of beneficiaries near to us and within our means. We hope to make a difference by responding to the ongoing and changing needs of our community.


Marble Community Outreach (MCO) supports efforts that are important to members of the Marble Collegiate Church community yet are beyond the missional care of that congregation.  

Funding requests are prominent after annual pledge commitments to the church and are not meant to be in conflict with the ongoing fundraising needs and expenses related to operation of the church.

MCO provides or collaborates to provide funding and support to groups and individuals in need. 

MCO operates as a resource for education and our contacts. Marble Collegiate Church staff and the Board of MCO may act as a resource to provide contacts for focused fund raising for urgent and short-term needs of members of the community.

An employee/employer partnership.

A key opportunity offered by Marble Community Outreach is to enable individuals to include their employer’s match for charitable giving.

Marble Community Outreach is a “stand alone”, 501 (c) 3 organization: IRS 990 approved for tracking and reporting: ID Tax #: 81-3229252

Contact us by leaving a phone message at Tel: 212-686-2770 x 295, or ask for Shana Wolfe.

Marble Community Outreach, 1 West 29 St. New York, NY 10001 • info@marbleoutreach